Sanxia Renjia Chinese Restaurant

Sanxia Renjia Chinese Restaurant

We bring the best of authentic Sichuan food to London, including Hot Pot Buffet 火锅自助餐, Aromatic Hot Wok 麻辣香锅, Chong Qing Grilled Fish 重庆万州烤鱼,

SE8 Chinese Takeaway - Sichuan Chinese Restaurant in Goodge Street, London

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Sanxia Renjia Chinese Restaurant provides quality regional and conventional Chinese food.

Our core services are two: food and karaoke.

We have classic Cantonese food, spicy Sichuan food, hot pot and dry wok.

We have two big karaoke rooms with brand new facilities and screens and a library of numerous songs in various languages.

Critic Fay Maschler Awards Brand New Indian Accent a Full Five Stars

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Only slightly gallingly for a column that feeds like a parasite on reviews of the city’s restaurants, this week many of our critics are to be found beyond the M25.

This is a how you do a restaurant review, kids: venture to somewhere up and coming (Deptford, in this case) to sample a cuisine under-represented in the centre of town (Sichuan); do so whilst employing enough quirkily questionable phrasing to exhaust any number of gifs.

When a restaurant offers robustly spiced dishes, there is a risk that critical coverage will descend into sub-Bourdain macho posturing that focuses on pure chilli heat rather than the full range of the kitchen’s capabilities (see: any number of reviews of Kiln).

Here, though, Rayner pauses to appreciate “defined moments of subtlety” amid the maelstrom: the “velvety,” “pale,” “interesting” broth that comes in a seafood and tofu claypot; the “gaspingly, achingly fresh” black fungus that arrives in a zippy salad.

With a menu on which “so much beckons,” there is a real danger of over-ordering, but the whole experience remains exhilarating, as if a “new life-giving force” has come to London in chef Manish Mehrotra’s carry-on luggage.

Sanxia Renjia - Deptford, London, Deptford. Book now!

Sanxia Renjia Deptford isn’t just any Chinese restaurant, it’s one that specialises in authentic Sichuan and Hubei cuisine.

This part of London isn’t short of restaurants to eat good Chinese food, we know, but the a la carte menu at Sanxia Renjia Deptford surpasses the norm in terms of quality by quite some way indeed.

That’s not to say you won’t find the dishes you know and love, you’ll just find them done with a certain aplomb and quality of ingredients and the result is an immensely popular restaurant on Deptford Broadway that we and Deptford locals can’t get enough of.

Take the train to Deptford Bridge station with a reservation in your pocket and Sanxia Renjia Chinese restaurant is a short walk from there.

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