Zoe’S Ghana Kitchen

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

Partly to connect with him, partly I realised over time, cooking and eating Ghanaian food was a way for me to connect with his home too.

Food was my entry point to exploring this side of my identity and I fell in love with Dad's version of Groundnut Soup - which later became my Peanut Butter Stew, now a signature dish on my menu.

All my life I've cooked this dish when I needed nourishment, comfort and a taste of home - also cooking it for friends who would continuously pester "when are you going to cook that peanut butter stew again?"

This passion for cooking for people and sharing the flavours of Ghana led to the creation of the West African food adventure which has become Zoe's Ghana Kitchen.

Since 2010 I've established a successful casual dining restaurant, a busy Streetfood & Event Catering business and I have been lucky enough to write a cookbook of traditional recipes I have re-mixed for the modern kitchen, enabling more people than ever to join the African food adventure with me and explore flavours from Ghana in a way they can incorporate into every day cooking.