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Trawler Trash comes to Islington - sustainable seafood on Upper ...

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In a nutshell: A new fish restaurant for Islington Summing it all up: Expect a sustainable, weekly changing seafood menu.

This new seafood restaurant is taking over from Seafish on Islington's Upper Street, a location that has been serving up fish and chips for 50 years.

As for that "trash" in the title, it's because the restaurant will be focusing on the fish that often get disregarded in favour of the traditional catch.

So there will be fish like pilchards, coley, sprat, grey mullet and crayfish on the menu.

There are no freezers and they'll only be serving fish that's delivered that day (which means they won't be open on a Monday, which is a day of rest for the trawler men).

Trawler Trash - Just Opened London

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The restaurant serves fish and seafood that tastes fantastic but is usually overlooked, such as coley, pilchards, sprats, grey mullet and crayfish.

The design of the 50 cover restaurant is inspired by the food, the sea and the ships that sail on her, so you’ll find golden tones, which bring to mind the crust of freshly fried fish and murky blues, which channel deep sea vibes.

You won’t be at all surprised to hear that there’s an open kitchen where you can watch chefs as they cook – it seems this may well be a new restaurant building regulation for 2017.

The list is packed with fish-friendly bottles of wines (with helpful pairing suggestions), and a short, on-trend beer selection, full of IPAs, including a grapefruit number – fantastic with seafood.

Trawler Trash is flying the flag for underrated seafood, or as they’re affectionately calling it, the ‘trash’ of the sea.

Trawler Trash London, N1: Restaurant Review - olive magazine

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We review Trawler Trash London, check out our expert review below… The concept behind this new North London opening is blindingly simple; champion the lesser known and rarely used species of fish and seafood – think kippers, coley, crayfish and sprats – alongside a daily changing menu of sustainable seasonal fish.

Don’t be put off by the thought of ‘trash’.

A starter of tender grilled asparagus was served with a generous dollop of piquant but creamy tartare sauce and a sprinkle of crispy fish skin salt.

The other starter of the most tender air-dried charred octopus with green tomatoes, chilli and olive oil packed in so much flavour we kept going back to try and work out the magic ingredient (we decided it was just really top-notch produce).

We were a bit cynical that coley would work as well as cod or haddock in the fish and chips but it arrived as 2 large chunks in a proper golden chip shop batter, which gave way into lovely pearly white flakes of fish.

Trawler Trash, Islington: Not bad for a loada rubbish fished out of the ...

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We are always being told to eat more fish and seafood, but the environmental impact of sea-to-plate eating is of growing concern.

Its whole concept is built around serving up the trash of the sea:  the fish and seafood that’s less popular and therefore more sustainable.

Simple Jersey oysters slide down too easily with a small, but varied selection of cocktails, just watch out for the Trashtini made with gin and pickle juice, which poses a very real danger that the fish won’t be the only thing leaving trashed.

The chocolate special is oozing, gooey and sweet, while a panna cotta offers a lighter but still creamy alternative.

There are plenty of interesting wines available, and the menu handily suggests which fish they go well with, but the selection is let down by having one red by the glass.

Trawler Trash in Highbury & Islington | Restaurant review – The ...

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Opened just a couple of weeks ago on the grounds of a historic fish and chip shop, Trawler Trash is one of the smartest restaurants in town.

There are so many options out of the Something Small section you’ll want to come back and try more.

We pick the Smoked Eel and the Air-Dried Charred Octopus.

It’s a generous portion of pasta; of course I didn’t expect something properly Italian, but it would benefit from more sophistication in the sauce – although it should be praised for the lack of double cream, an easy shortcut the chef thankfully decided to avoid.

To book a table at Trawler Trash, 205 Upper St London N1 1RQ, call 020 3637 7619 or visit here.

Trawler Trash | Restaurants in Canonbury, London

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It’s a genius idea.

A seafood restaurant dedicated to using unpopular fish, the so-called ‘trash’ of the oceans.

A ‘trash pie’, made with smoked trout, had only two notes: smoke and salt.

It’s a pity, because there are moments of greatness at Trawler Trash, and you can’t fault the concept.

If they can match the execution to their idea, this place could just about rule the waves.