Maggies Cafe & Restaurant

Maggies Cafe & Restaurant

Maggies Traditional Cafe – and Restaurant in London

There is a wealth of choice of cafés in Lewisham and the surrounding areas, yet despite this, Maggie’s has maintained a loyal and very satisfied customer base.

We cater for all sides of the Lewisham Community: office workers, builders, families, young professionals, the elderly, special needs and tourists.

First time diners are welcomed like old friends and the regulars are a friendly mix of young families, office workers, builders and shoppers.

At Maggie’s café and restaurant, we are proud of our freshly prepared food, warm welcome and relaxing atmosphere.

Named after its friendly, hospitable and warm owner Maggie, Maggie’s is a family run traditional Irish eatery in the heart of Lewisham.

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Maggie's Cafe

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Service was good.

Food was good.

Prices were good too.

Maggies Cafe & Sports Grill

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Whether it's a gathering with friends to watch the game or an elegant dinner with your loved ones, Maggie's Cafe & Sports Grill has the atmosphere for you.

From the bar to the dining room, our menu and services are more than exceptional.

We have a very welcoming team of bartenders and waiting staff, as well as a number of HD flat screen TV's throughout the restaurant, so you'll never have to miss out on your favorite games.

We have a generous banquet room that will accommodate up to 100 guests for parties such as bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, receptions, etc.

We'll even customize our menu to fit your budget!

Why it Matters: in praise of Maggie's in Lewisham, the ultimate ...

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The greasy, prodigious breakfast leaves you full for days, but memories of the characters you meet will never depart Photo: Ewan MunroBank holiday hangover?

And when I say “good breakfast”, I mean a traditional full English.

Unusually for the average greasy spoon, Maggie’s is also licensed – meaning, if you are so inclined, you can also order a beer (or wine, or spirit) with your breakfast, without the fear of being judged – and without being in the confines of an airport branch of Wetherspoon’s.

The greasy, prodigious breakfast leaves you full for days, but memories of the characters you meet in Maggie’s will never depart.

We’re lucky to have these precious establishments still open in south London, and as delicious soft-boiled duck egg with asparagus soldiers are – we should make the effort to embrace the old-school: the less than desirable décor, the peculiar artwork, the sticky plastic gingham table clothes and the water-marked cutlery… because we’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Maggie's Café & Catering - Home

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Maggie’s Cafe Your all day breakfast and lunch spot!

We serve a great variety of breakfast foods including our very own "Breakfast Stew" skillet.

Our lunch menu consists of sandwiches, fresh salads, homemade soups and more.

Check out our bakery case for fresh baked muffins, cinnamon rolls and, of course, our signature cookies.

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