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Cafe in London, United Kingdom. People talk about prawn dumplings, dan dan noodles and good chinese food. See reviews and recommendations.

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I'm vegetarian and there are more than enough dishes on the menu to keep me happy; I recommend coconut buns (which look unassuming but are full of gooey joy), and bamboo shoots in chilli oil (nothing like the thin anaemic slices from a tin, these are the real deal.

And if you find your eyes bigger than your stomach, they are very happy to box up the spares to take home.

and friendly; you can see into the kitchen and the effusive proprietor loves to chat and make sure everyone is happy.

There is an accessible toilet but there's a small step en route (it's reached via a side alley) so I'm not sure how well motorised wheelchair s and scooters would do.

The staff are helpful, and Fue the proprietor e. Caters for me, as a fairly fussy wheelchair e and at home.

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Bitten&Written | Restaurant Review | Mora, E11

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The not so pretty drag of Leytonstone High Road is an ancient pre-Roman pathway that linked London to the sprawl of Epping Forest, its name coming from a distance marker or �stone� placed by the Roman 10th Legion, the same road that runs all the way through to re-energised and Olympic �legacy-ed up� Stratford.While growing up in nearby Woodford the feeling was always that Leytonstone was a bit gauche, a bit downmarket, a bit�.

Which only adds to the charm of a decent restaurant opening.and Head Chefare friends who came to London from Sardinia (their fathers are cousins), with Carlo having spent ten years at Sardinian restaurantin Holland Park and Luca working front of house at several spots includingandin Barnes.

Anyway, a � When a first rag� forkful sends memories spinning back to one of the finest Italian restaurants of recent years (Zucca in Bermondsey, sadly closed, a place I worked in), there�s something good happening.

Good, but the pappardelle rag� is the one that lingers in the memory and is ordered again (and again) on future mains don�t grab me by the cojones, and so each time I dodge them: rabbit leg with mashed potato (nah, I�m alright mate); chicken breast stuffed with asparagus and speck (a bit Come Dine With Me) grilled rib-eye with roast potatoes (nope); pan fried seabream, capers tomatoes and beans (maybe, another time); baked cod with tender stem broccoli (yawn).

Champagne choices say a lot about a restaurant, and the only Champagne listed is Deutz, a relatively small player in the region: a marker for the quiet class of the wine list.opened last year a couple of doors down, a good Turkish spot with BYO and excellent Lahmacun flatbreads and pide.near the Red Lion Pub, also worth a shout, has Mr Yan Feng Zhou hand pulling noodles, first encountered in Leyton at Dim Sum Caf� in Leyton.

Panda dim sum London

Review analysis

Panda dim sum restaurant is widely recognised for serving up best dumplings in Leytonstone, near London.

Bright and spacious with a relaxed atmosphere, Panda cafe, like it’s name, is endearing and pleasant enough to eat at.

You can see the staff freshly preparing their dumplings in the kitchen and you can taste the freshness in the pan-fried dumplings or pasty.

The chive is interestingly dominant in both the fish and chive dumplings and the egg and chive pasty whilst the coconut is pleasantly fragrant and significantly sweet in the coconut buns.

In short Panda Dim Sum is a welcome option to have, delivering lovely Chinese cuisine and fresh dumplings to this part of East London.

Little Saigon – Leytonstone | walthamstowfoodies

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At the Green Man end of Leytonstone High Road, amongst the delights of Matalan, Wetherspoons and McDonalds, there are some great new foodie places including the Wild Goose Bakery for a delicious brunch, All You Read is Love – Danish bookshop cafe, and the Red Lion pub for a pint and a Sunday roast.

In mid 2015 a dubious looking ‘eat as much as you like’ Chinese buffet was transformed into this modern Vietnamese canteen.

We are always compelled to order their amazing Vietnamese crispy pancake (Banh Xeo) – wafer thin pancake stuffed with pork, prawn and shredded veg, that you wrap into lettuce leaves, add fresh herbs, and dunk into the chilli dipping sauce.

For hungry days after a walk around Hollow Ponds, their large plates of rice, roast and grilled meats (duck, chicken, char sui pork, Vietnamese sausages) with salads for about £8-9 are just the ticket.

Leytonstone is changing quickly, we now have a list of places and foods to try including Amurg Romanian/Moldovan – a new one for us both, a return to one of our favourites the Sardinian restaurant Mora, the pides at Oven East, and homemade noodles at Panda dim sum, and its been too long since we had the crab at Singburi and Keraspice is getting good reviews too.