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***NEW OPENING TIMES*** We are now open all day on Saturday 12pm till 10.30pm and on Sundays 12:30pm till 9:30pm.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase at the restaurant.

The Street Cart Takeaway is available daily 12-2.30pm.

Please pop into the restaurant to place your order.

Our Pre Theatre Menu is available Sunday to Thursday 6-7pm for just £13.50 Thali Mondays, devour your favourite King Thali for just £10 ~ Lunch 12-3pm (Excludes bank holidays)

Restaurant review: Pickle's, Dublin 2 | Irish Examiner

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These guys are old pros so there has been much excitement in the food world about Pickle and I was not surprised to spot staff from two other restaurants on the night I visited.

Chana masala cost just €5 but serve as a good example of the care taken in Pickle — the chickpeas are-slow cooked with Indian gooseberries, which darkens them and adds a complex sour character which is leavened with 15 spices.

The rich sour-sweet flavours were a good contrast to the dal, curries, and breads The best of our desserts was a rose-water flavoured kulfi given some saffron vermicelli and chia and basil seeds to add playful textures and unusual flavours.

This is confident complex cooking but it is also comforting and familiar as mixed in with the unusual are some close renderings of dishes the chef’s mother cooked or street food favourites from New Delhi.

Dinner for two with four shared small plates, three larger dishes, two desserts, bread, dal, and condiments plus a bottle of wine: €128.50 In a Sentence:  A modern Indian restaurant with creative and imaginative but unshowy cooking from a master chef at the top of his game.

Pickle review: Oldschool is the new thing for Indian food

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The goats’ cheese logs served in restaurants would probably circumnavigate the globe several times if you laid them end to chalky end.

“Your mother’s going to be in a pickle this evening,” my husband tells one of our children as I’m heading out the door to Camden Street’s newest Indian restaurant.

Dublin can claim a first in Indian restaurant culture as historian Michael Kennedy explained to me and Juliana Adelman for our radio series History on a Plate.

The city was briefly home to the first 20th century Indian restaurant anywhere in the British isles when The Indian Restaurant and Tea Rooms opened in 1908 on Sackville St, beside what is now the Gresham Hotel.

The dish is layered with comfort flavours so saturated with spice the pomegranate seeds and yoghurt have all the dousing effects of a leaky water pistol on a forest fire.

Salt + Pickle, Crystal Palace: restaurant review - olive magazine

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Salt + Pickle is a local deli owner’s labour of love.

Already running the Good Taste deli on the London borough’s triangle, scientist-turned-food entrepreneur Manish Utton-Mishra thought his ethically and thoughtfully sourced meats, cheese and wine in the deli needed more space.

Share dishes like gin and beetroot-cured salmon with new potato salad, pickled samphire and cucumber, scallop ceviche or courgette carpaccio with the charcuterie and cheese for dinner (you also always find a couple of desserts on the menu) or just order nibbles to pick at while you work through the wine list and local ales.

Manish compiles the menu according to what treats he can get his hands on through the deli and last time we visited he recommended beef fillet cured with fennel and paprika, served with celeriac remoulade and corned beef with homemade dill pickles and mustard dressing.

The varied and lengthy wine list is worth a gander and, as Salt + Pickle use the latest technology to extract wine from the bottle while leaving the cork intact, it’s an opportunity to try some expert, handpicked wines without blowing the budget on a bottle.

Restaurant review: unorthodox approach at Pickle & Pie | Stuff.co.nz

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When chef Tim Tracey did the rounds of the sit-down delis while holidaying in New York four years ago, little did he know they would eventually form the inspiration for Pickle & Pie, his own café-deli venture in the new shopping complex fronting Denton Park.

Gipsy Kitchen rules * Restaurant review: A mixed catch at The Crab Shack Tim Tracey points out that the NYC sit-down deli tradition is Italian as well as Jewish – hence the very drinkable Pasqua montepulciano on his wine list.

Pickle & Pie's Lox Salmon Sesame Bagel, on the other hand, is rigorously orthodox.

A split sesame bagel is spread with cream cheese (from Zany Zeus, which Tim regards as far superior) and for colour and well as flavour, the salmon is sprinkled with capers, shaved fennel, radish, pickle, red onion and dill.

As with the Reuben, the daily changing sandwich is made to order, an important detail which positions Pickle & Pie beyond a sandwich bar and on the way to a decent restaurant.