A modern Italian piattini & cicchetti inspired restaurant and bar on London's Roman Road East London. Serving a straight forward modern seasonal menu with ingredients sourced from a select group of local producers and wines and spirits carefully selected from small independent producers.

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Our straightforward modern menu which may change a little each week as our Head Chef Loren is constantly looking to bring new and exciting dishes to our table, is uniquely designed around seasonal produce from carefully selected suppliers and artisan producers across Italy and the UK.

Our wines and spirits are selected from small producers chosen either to enhance our dishes or to be appreciated independently.

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The essence of the traditional Venetian Bacari with a modern twist!

Here at Bacaro Southampton we have taken the essence of the traditional Bacari, the relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and wonderful wine.

FOOD REVIEW: Bacaro, Ocean Village, Southampton | Daily Echo

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There's just so much to savour at Bacaro, an Italian tapas restaurant close to Southampton's waterfront which echoes the philosophy of the Venetian 'bacari' that delicious food, good wine and the company of friends are the recipe for a life well lived.

A fairly new addition to the city's thriving food scene, the restaurant opened its doors in April in the beautiful building which for many years housed Merchants.

There were succulent king prawns cooked in garlic, chilli and lime and superb crispy squid dipped in a saffron and lemon tartare sauce.

The mini surf and turf was made up of perfectly cooked steak topped with meaty king prawns and the four cheese pizzette was gooey heaven for a stinky cheese lover.

Forget any misgivings about miserly offerings or standard fare here though.

IWANT design | Bacaro

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Restaurant review: Little Venice, London | Jay Rayner | Life and ...

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MEAL FOR TWO, INCLUDING WINE AND SERVICE, £50-£70 The last time I was in Venice I got drunk on a bottle of amaretto while sitting on the edge of St Mark's Square.

It is exactly the sort of place you'd find in New York's Soho, even down to the staff who are skinny and bed-haired, and look like they kick back after service by doing the sort of things they would never dream of telling their mothers about.

It is fashionable, at the moment, to mutter about meals of small plates being tiresome and passé.

The chopped liver on another crostini had a wintery smokiness to it, as did a fold of flat bread, scorched on a griddle to black in places then layered with slices of garlicky wild mushrooms.

It is possible that somewhere in the low-ceilinged 18th-century building, apparently once the London home of the artist Canaletto, there is also a bottle of amaretto, but I didn't enquire.

11 reasons to go to Roman Road in Bethnal Green and Bow

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The popular image is one of beleaguered enclaves of valiant jellied-eel vendors battling an onslaught of cash-haemorrhaging, craft-lager-addicted professionals.

But there are places where the two tribes live in harmony, and Roman Road is one of them.

Today, thanks to its grocers, butchers, bakeries, convenience stores, charity shops, boutiques, cafés, restaurants, cash-and-carries and thrice-weekly market, Roman Road is home to a living, functioning community.

Given that most of its nearby competitors are chicken shops, this family-run place is surely the road’s best-kept secret.

Stilettos, woks, massive packs of batteries… whatever you need, go forth and seek out a bargain at Roman Road Market, which runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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