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Arepa & Co offer arepas which are a bit like pitta bread but made out of corn flour and with a crispier texture.

For now the flour the arepas are made with might contain traces of gluten as the factory it is produced in produces other flours but I was told that in March next year it will be completely free from any gluten!

I guess this is the time to mention that this is not a solely vegan restaurant but why I love it is because they offer choices and allow you to alter their menu to fit your personal needs and wishes.

The menu extends further than these two corn meal based dishes with a more choices for vegans, veggies and gluten frees.

Quite a bit of choice I think and one can order a few dishes to share for a venezuelan feast!


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Unfortunately the dessert table has little to offer someone who is completely vegan and gluten free.

Yet… The two other pods however have lovely options with lots of flavour!

My favorite dishes are the Eritrean mango salad as well as the Japanese miso-roasted aubergine.

Other dishes on offer when I was there were a puy lentil and kohlrabi ribbon salad, a lebanese green bean in cherry tomato sauce dish called loubieh, marinated olives, quinoa with beetroot, herbed potatoes, smashed avocado and kimchi.

These were the specifically vegan and gluten free options but there were plenty more for simply vegan and vegetarian diets.

Bone Daddies' Ross Shonhan talks about all things ramen -Bureau ...

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Ross Shonhan, former head chef at Zuma and Nobu talks to us about misconceptions of Japanese food, his love affair with ramen, and what to expect from his first solo venture – Soho ramen bar, Bone Daddies Cook ramen at home with our Tonkotsu Ramen recipe, and Ross’s top 5 ramen-making tips.

Shonhan says, referring to the process of making ramen broth.

“There are 26 different recognised types of ramen noodles in Japan” Shonhan explains.

It is normal for ramen shop owners form an allegiance to a single type of noodle, as well as cultivating their own stock recipe.

I ask Shonhan what recipes he’s using for his broth – but there’s no way the canny Australian will divulge his recipe, cementing his place amongst the ranks of secretive ramen shop owners, who won’t entrust their recipes to anyone outside a direct lineage.

Rejoice For Ramen | New Bone Daddies Old Street | Hero and ...

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Chief Proprietor of Bone Daddies, Ross Shonhan, has announced that the doors to his new Bone Daddies bar will open on 20th June 2016.

Located within the Bower development, the new restaurant will be Bone Daddies’ first venture into East London, with a selection of dishes created exclusively for the site.

Fans of Bone Daddies will find their favourite ramen and snacks on the menu, from the flavour-packed 20-hour pork bone broth Tonkotsu, to sweet, spicy pig bones.

Created exclusively for Old Street, a selection of new dishes will also be joining the classics; lovers of Bone Daddies’ inventive ramen toppings will marvel at a bowl of crispy duck aburamen with roasted sweetcorn and pickled padron peppers, a flavour combination unique to the East End outpost.

Bone Daddies OId Street will feature the now legendary rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack played in all of the ramen bars, bringing the full experience of Bone Daddies to East London for the first time.

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