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Repetition and absurdity: Ragnar Kjartansson arrives at the Barbican

As all of the above suggests, Kjartansson’s multifarious, multidisciplinary work doesn't conform comfortably to conventional artistic categories.

Histories of film, theatre and literature – as well as his personal relationships with family and friends – all feed into in his video installations and performances as well as his drawings and paintings.

Kjartansson is well known as a musician and singer in Iceland and has toured widely with Trabant, the most popular of his several bands, as well as having his own record label, Bel-Air Glamour Records.

Many of the musical pieces in the Barbican involve the artist himself in musician-mode.

Meanwhile his 2012 installation The Visitors consists of nine life-sized video tableaux of Kjartansson and musician friends, each performing alone in separate rooms within the dilapidated grandeur of a historic house in upstate New York – the artist lies naked in a bath, singing and playing a guitar.

Restaurant: Paesan, London EC1 | Life and style | The Guardian

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As a descendant of actual Italian peasants – the photo of one black-clad great-great-grandmother, clutching a scythe, a patch covering her empty eyesocket and looking like a jovial grim reaper, is a particular family favourite – I approached Paesan with a degree of caution.

Using this as a hook to serve cheap ingredients, massively marked up, to droves of affluent London thirtysomethings leaves as murky a taste in my mouth as Paesan's arancini.

Oh, and how does steak "tagliata" with parmesan and Roman misticanza salad sit under this banner?

Paesan's feel as if they've been made from masticated blotting paper.

I've been waiting for pizza fritta (fried) to hit the mainstream over here: this wonderfully reprehensible carbfest was born in Naples and has become a bit of a thing in New York.

Gundog at the Royal Court Theatre | Theatre review – The Upcoming

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The actors walk on real mounds of soil while a smokey screen behind shows beautiful colours depicting the time of day.

The dialogue, the set, the background, the lighting, the sounds, even the way time passes in the story.

The benches in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court are just a little too uncomfortable to sit on for that amount of time.

A shame, as the Royal Court is otherwise a superb theatre.

Gundog is at the Royal Court Theatre from 31st January until 10th March 2018.

Book Review: Nose to Tail Eating (by Fergus Henderson of St John ...

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If that’s not good enough, you may trust Anthony Bourdain who calls the subject of this particular book “a cult classic from [his] favourite chef and favourite restaurant in the world.”

The book features recipes which are rich in history and cultures from around the world.

A sample beef tongue recipe (not from the book or from Henderson) can be found at Epicurious here.

The book, now widely published, was only available for purchase in the restaurant and was a closely guarded tome by many chefs aspiring to his innovation and vision.

His philosophy of consuming the entire animal provides a vision that guides him through his cooking process (and I dare to say has shaped the dining scenes of many of the world’s fine restaurants today).